Trees & Shrubs

We carry a wide variety of trees and shrubs, specifically chosen for our growing area.  We have deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs to suit every location.

We endeavour to fulfill customers’ requests for specific varieties or very large trees. 

The following is a list of trees and shrubs that are available:


Advance Mayday

American Mountain Ash

Amur Maple

Amur Cherry Flowering

Autumn Spire Red Maple

Bailey Select Schubert

Blackhawk Mountain Ash

Brandon Elm

Bur Oak

Cardinal Royal Mountain Ash

Chickadee Birch

Clump Paper Birch

European Mountain Ash

Golden Eclipse Lilac

Harvest Gold Linden

Japanese Lilac

Laurel Willow

Linden American Basswood

Linden Dropmore

Miss Kim Lilac Tree


Northern Acclaim Honeylocust

Northern Fountain Willow

Northern Pin Oak

Northern Red Oak

Northwood Maple

Ohio Buckeye Chestnut

Paper Birch

Prairie Cascade Willow

Quaking or Trembling Aspen

Russian Mountain Ash

Russian Olive

Scarlet Jewel Maple

Sensation Lilac

Sienna Glen Maple

Showy Mountain Ash

Siberian Weeping Larch

Siberian Larch

Snowbird Hawthorn

Sweetheart Mayday

Tartarian Maple Hot Wings

Toba Hawthorn

Tower Poplar

Unity Sugar Maple

Youngs Weeping Birch


Almey Crabapple

Dreamweaver Columnar Crabapple

Makimak Crabapple

Prairie Fire Crabapple

Princess Kay Plum

Radiant Crabapple

Roseglow Weeping Crabapple

Royalty Crabapple

Selkirk Crabapple

Shaugnessy Cohen Crabapple

Spring Snow Crabapple

Thunderchild Crabapple


Battleford Apple

Goodland Apple

Hardy Mac Apple

Harcourt Apple

Heyer 12 Apple

Honey Crisp Apple

Multigraft Apple (Honeycrisp/Mac/Harcourt/Parkland/Haralson/Heyer)

Multigraft Apple (HardiMac/Norkent/Honeycrisp/Fall Red)

Norkent Apple

Norland Apple

Parkland Apple

September Ruby Apple

Rescue Crabapple

Dolgo Crabapple

Carmine Jewel Cherry

Crimson Passion Cherry

Romeo Cherry

Evans Sour Cherry

Cherry Romance (Carmine/Valentine/Romeo/Crimson)

Juliet Dwarf Sour Cherry

Cupid Cherry

Mount Royal Plum European

Tecumseh Plum

Toka Plum American

Waneta Plum American

Brookgold Plum Japanese

Brookred Plum Japanese

Sapalta Cherry Plum American

Compass Cherry Plum Japanese

Pipestone Plum American

Early Golden Pear

Golden Spice Pear

Ussarian Pear



Andorra Compact Juniper

Blue Chip Juniper

Blue Danube Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper

Broadmoor Juniper

Buffalo Juniper

Blueberry Delight Juniper

Effusa Juniper

Gold Coast Juniper

Green Carpet Juniper

Hughs Juniper

Prince of Wales Juniper

Moor dense Juniper

Scandia Juniper

Sea of Gold Juniper

Savin Juniper

Tamarix Juniper

Russian Cypress Juniper


Blue Arrow





Wichita Blue


Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Bird’s Nest Spruce

Blue Nest Spruce

Dwarf Norway Spruce

Little Gem Spruce


Baby Blue Spruce

Columnar Baby Blue Spruce

Baken Spruce

Blackhills Spruce

Colorado Spruce

Montgomery Spruce

Bristlecone Pine

Lodgepole Pine

Mountain Pine

Pondarosa Pine

Scotch Pine

Weeping White Pine

Douglas Fir

Globe Cedar

Morden Upright Yew

Sunkist Cedar


Skybound Cedar

Techny Gold Cedar


Amur Maple (Shrub)

Cherry Bomb Japanese Barberry

Royal Burgundy Barberry

Royal Cloak Japanese Barberry

Concorde Barberry

Rose Glow Japanese Barberry

Broom – Yellow

Broom – Spike

Calgary Boxwood

Silver Buffaloberry

Buckbrush Coralberry

Winged Burning Bush

Dwarf Winged Burning  Bush

Turkistan Burning Bush

Common Caragana

Fern Leaf Caragana

Weeping Caragana Tree

Autumn Magic Chokecherry

Western Chokecherry

Western Sand Cherry

Alpine Currant

Golden Flowering Currant

Kelsey’s Dwarf Dogwood

Ivory Halo Dogwood

Red Osier Dogwood

Prairie Fire Dogwood

Arctic Fire Dogwood

Little Rebel Dogwood

Siberian Dogwood

Black Beauty Elderberry

Golden Elder

Golden Plume Elder

Green Fernleaf Elder

Morden Golden Glow Elder

Sweet Fern

Northern Gold Forsythia

Showoff Forsythia

Arnold Red Honeysuckle

Copper Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle

Clavey`s Dwarf Honeysuckle

Sakhalin Honeysuckle

Hydrangea Incrediball White

Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit Pink

Hydrangea Strawberry Vanilla Pink/White

Hydrangea Little Lime

Hydrangea Bobo

Hydrangea Limelight Green

Hydrangea Great Star

Hydrangea Annabelle White

Agincourt Lilac (Deep Purple)

Royalty Preston Lilac (Violet Purple)

Common Lilac (Purple)

Katerine Havenmeyer Lilac

Miss Canada Lilac (Single Bright Pink)

Pocahontas Lilac (Deep Violet)

Beauty of Moscow Lilac

Ludwig Spaeth Lilac

Sensation French Lilac (Single Purple)

President Grevy Lilac (Double Lavender)

Miss Kim Lilac (Lavender Blue)

Korean Dwarf Lilac 

Mme Lemoine French Lilac (Double White)

Tinkerbelle Lilac (Deep Pink)

Bloomerang Lilac (Purple)

Charles Joy French Lilac (Red Purple)

Blue Muffin Viburnum Arrowood

Mohican Wayfaring Tree


Nanking Cherry

Summer Wine Ninebark

Dart’s Golden Ninebark

Coppertina Ninebark

Diabolo Ninebark

Centre Glow Ninebark

Russian Olive

Peking Hedge Cotoneaster

Double Flowering Plum

Potentilla – Jackman (White)

Potentilla Orange Whisper

Potentilla Gold Star

Potentilla Abbotsford  (White)

Potentilla Goldfinger (Yellow)

Potentilla Mange Tango

Potentilla Red Robin

Potentilla Katherine Dykes

Potentilla Pink Beauty

Ramapo Rhododendron

Helliki Rhododendron

Pohjolas Daughter Rhododendron

Rocky Mountain Maple

Rocky Mountain White Oak

Rose Daphne

Rose – Henry Kelsey Red Climber

Rose – John Cabot Deep Pink Climber

Rose – Captain Samuel Holland

Rose – Bill Reid (Yellow)

Rose – Emily Carr (Red)

Rose – Campfire (Yellow edged with orange)

Rose – Felix Leclerc

Rose – Marie Bugnet (White)

Rose – Sir Thomas Lipton (White)

Rose – Henry Hudson (White)

Rose – George Vancouver

Rose – Champlain (Red)

Rose – Hope for Humanity (Red)

Rose – Jens Munk (Pink)

Rose – Morden Fireglow (Scarlet)

Rose – Morden Ruby (Red)

Rose – Morden Sunrise (Orange)

Rose – Blanche de Coubert (White)

Rose – Therese Bugnet (Lilac Pink)

Rose – Persian Yellow

Rose – Rugelda (Yellow)

Rose – Hansa (Red/Violet)

Rose – Red Leaf (Cherry Pink)

Rose – JP Connell (Lemon)

Rose – Never Alone (Rose)

Rose – Foxi (Pavement type)

Rose – Belle Poitvine

Rose – Harlow Carr

Seaberry Sea Buckthorn – Male

Seaberry Sea Buckthorn – Russian Orange

Seaberry Sea Buckthorn – Askola

Seaberry Sea Buckthorn – Leikoro

Spirea Superstar

Spirea Firegold

Spirea Renaissance

Spirea Shirobana

Spirea Froebeli

Spirea – False

Spirea –  Dart’s Red

Spirea – Sundrop

Spirea – Goldflame

White Snowberry

Common Snowball

Sumac – Western Smooth

Sumac – Gro Lo Fragrant

Sumac – Staghorn

Waterton Mock Orange

Weigela – Red Prince

Weigela – Minuet

Weigela – Midnight Whine

Pussy Willow – Marquette French

Pussy Willow

Willow – Bebb or Beaked

Willow – Wolf

Willow – Sandbar

Willow – Dwarf Arctic

Willow – Rosemary

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